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  1. Luohu publicizes its pro-business policies in open-day activity
    Luohu and SUSTech cooperation boosts high-quality development
    Luohu to expedite renovation of Dongmen pedestrian street
    Urban renovation project presses ahead in Luohu
    Luohu publicizes its pro-business policies in open-day activity

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    Updates on COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen (July 30)
    On July 29, Shenzhen reported no new confirmed or asymptomatic case of COVID-19.

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    Is it true that the vaccine only provides protection against the COVID-19 for six months at most?

    No. Immunity gained through vaccination can last for a minimum of six months based on data obtained from clinical trials. The immunity level are still being monitored in p...

    I am trying to conceive. Should I get vaccinated?

    It is not recommended to delay pregnancy plans due to receiving vaccines, and pregnant women who are vaccinated should stick to routine prenatal visits and checks.