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    2021-07-16 Luohu to expedite renovation of Dongmen pedestrian street Zhang Feimeng, chief of the Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, said on July 13 the city will not only become a world-class consumption center, but also be able to provide quality commodities, a first-class consumption environment and experiences, as well as advanced consumption models. More
    2021-07-29 Luohu responds to COVID-19 resurgence promptly In its response to resurgence of COVID-19 in May and June, Luohu has created new work methods to take the most effective epidemic prevention and control measures. More
    2021-07-22 Luohu organizes activities marking CPC centenary An activity marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), organized by the CPC Luohu District Committee, was held in the fountain plaza of the KingKey 100 on June 29. More
    2021-06-21 Cantonese Opera blossoms at rooftop garden in Luohu On the roof of the Luohu Commercial City, a major shopping mall in the district, there is a Cantonese Opera club magnetizing fans of the traditional opera from neighboring Hong Kong since it was founded in 2009. More
    2021-06-10 Internet companies use tech strengths in Luohu virus battle Internet enterprises in Luohu have actively taken part in the COVID-19 epidemic response by taking advantage of their advanced information technologies. More
    2021-05-12 Shenzhen residents speak highly of the city’s development The 7th Shenzhen Congress of the Communist Party of China was convened on April 27. Shenzhen residents speak highly of the city’s development over the past five years while looking forward to more in the next five years. More
    2021-03-31 The story of EVOC chairman epitome of Shenzhen entrepreneurs Chen Zhilie, a member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and the chairman of EVOC Group, shared with the media how entrepreneurs in Shenzhen have succeeded due to the country’s reform and opening-up policy. More
    2021-03-31 Shenzhen welcomes talents to realize dreams The following excerpts are from a recent interview between Lai Chen, a vocational school graduate in Shenzhen, Wu Yihuan, a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the vice mayor of Shenzhen, and Cai Jiming, a deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress and professor with Tsinghua University. More
    2020-11-03 Elites' comments on Shenzhen's further development On October 14, a grand gathering was held in Shenzhen to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Some attendees from Shenzhen shared their thoughts on the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping and expressed confidence in the city's development in the next 40 years. More
    2020-10-19 Luohu model citizens vow to work harder to make bigger contribution to Shenzhen Shenzhen was not built in one day. Over the past 40 years, generations of pioneers, trailblazers, dream chasers, and numerous others have offered their sweat and brainpower. More
    2020-09-10 In the fight against COVID-19, everyone counts Like other places in China, Luohu has made major strategic achievements in the people's war against the COVID-19, thanks to the effort of everyone involved. More
    2020-08-26 Luohu salutes Shenzhen SEZ with micro-documentary This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ). More
    2020-08-20 Beekeeping mayor a honey to the poor A Shenzhen official designated to aid the poverty alleviation work in Xilin County, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has been nicknamed "The Beekeeping Mayor" for his dedication to the development of a local beekeeping industry. More
    2020-08-17 Specialty outlets boost poverty alleviation efforts On Aug. 7, Luohu opened an outlet selling agricultural produce from Xilin and Longlin, two counties in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region it is designated to help with their poverty alleviation efforts. More
    2020-08-17 Luohu: Incubator of reform & opening-up Over 30 reporters of national- and provincial-level media outlets visited Luohu on Aug 5, as part of a publicity campaign, organized by the municipal government of Shenzhen, to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the city as a special economic zone. More
    2020-03-19 Retired soldiers fight virus as volunteers in Luohu More than 1,500 retired soldiers in Luohu are taking part as volunteers in the epidemic control and prevention work in the district. More